Spicy Vegi Cuisine 禪悅齋


logo2A 緣結人天,禪悅為食 Be friendly to all living kinds.  Meditation is food of our mind.
蔬食護生,環保為樂 Be vegetarian, be environmentalist and be happy.

Vancouver Chinese Restaurant Awards – Best Vegetarian Restaurant

溫哥華中國食肆大獎 – 最佳素食餐廳

Spicy Vegi Crusine wins award of 2016 Best Vegetarian Restaurant from Chinese Restaurant Award.  禪悅齋,榮獲2016溫哥華中國食肆大獎 – 最佳素食餐廳。


monkey2  2016 Chinese New Year Special 新春年菜


4200 No 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 2C4
Telephone: (604) 304-3538